Friday, July 24, 2009

Where oh Where is Little D?

I'm here - but wow has this month been a crazy busy month!  Haven't had much time for stampin' and card making - but was finally able to sit down and go at 'er!  This is my Aloha Rak for my partner.  The challenge was for note cards. I took mine in a little bit different direction.  I made four cards all the same and a holder for the cards and envelopes.  It's a pretty simple design but I think it's quite elegant!  I hope my partner likes it!

This is a card I made for friends of ours who just had their first baby. 

Madison Maureen Skjodt was born on July 22nd.  It's a Double Diagonal fold card.  Quite a simple design and I really like the idea that you can add your own elements to the inserts.  For this one I attached the gift card to a book mark and slipped into the middle pouch.  You can even place another insert into the top pouch.

And finally - Tracy's Christmas Challenge.  

This month's challenge was to create a card with no layers.  This was actually tougher than I thought it would be.  I kept it simple and made a window card.  So from the front it looks like layers - but it's not.  The image is on the inside of the card.  I added a ribbon to the top of the card and a couple of Snowflakes brads for some bling.  I might go back and revisit these ones and maybe add a bit more bling - but I think I actually like the simplicity of it.

I still have a couple of more cards to do this weekend so will hopefully have another post by the end of the weekend.  Babies, Birthdays and Funerals....oh my!  My youngest nephew turns 18 on Monday - wow - can't believe that!!  A friend of ours lost his dad on the weekend and the funeral is on Tuesday.  

Hope everyone is having a great summer!  We've finally have had a stretch of hot weather and this weekend is supposed to be a bit of a scorcher.  I will definitely get out and enjoy it!  Of course with my 60 sunscreen!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

Friday, July 3, 2009

Blog Candy

Check out this awesome prize you can win!  How you may ask?  Check out this blog: 
These are adorable!  I think I'll be checking their web-site quite often!

Little D

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tri-Shutter Anniversary Card

After Tracy's suggestion of trying a Tri-Shutter fold card for her Christmas challenge, and seeing it in person - which turned out beautiful - I thought I'd give it a whirl for my cousin's anniversary card my mom asked me to make.  And I must say - I love this card!  I can definitely see me making more of these cards.  The cutting and scoring is quite easy - but adding the additional pieces of paper and blinging it up definitely takes some time.  I think it's taken me over 2 hours total time to get this done!  Deciding which paper to use and what to use as bling definitely is the challenge for this card.

I dug through all my DP I have and the paper I chose - I've had for quite a while - so long actually - I don't have the cover anymore that tells me what type of paper it is!  I think it's Old World - but not sure who makes it!  The Silver leaves are very appropriate as it's their 25th Wedding anniversary - and the leaves I got as part of my winning bling from Tracy's Christmas Challenge last month!  The purple leaves are also from the same package.  I love these leaves.  Thanks, again, Trace!

This is the card when opened.  I used the silver paper from Stamping up and used my cuttle bug to Emboss the design on it.  And I've figured out that if I edit and crop my pictures - you can't click on it to enlarge it - sorry!  I'll have to look into that and see what I can do......

I love the blend of the pinks and reds in the DP - it gives it a bit of a classic feel - and the sunflowers are just fun!  The wording on the inside panel says 'Love is the only flower that grows and blossoms with the aid of seasons'. 

One thing to keep in mind - be cautious of the bling - too much bling makes the card not fit into a standard size envelope!  But of course it makes more fun to have to make an envelope for it to fit into!!  LOL!

My mom and older sister are going to Vegas to meet my cousins there - so I hope they have a great time and of course I hope they like the card!  LOL!  They leave Sunday morning - and we're all going for Pedicures on Saturday - can't wait!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D