Monday, October 26, 2009

Blogging by Quantity

Sorry gang - this will be another winded blog posting. Not blogging as often as I would like - but I guess the plus side of it means that I'm actually crafting quite a bit!

This is a card I made for my boss who went on a very well deserved vacation to Hawaii. This is a Wiper Card - the picture really doesn't do it justice - but it's a really fun card to make! The sentitment 'pop's up when you open the card.

This card I made for my friend's little girl who just turned four and is very into Tinkerbell and all her Fairy friends. This was the technique that Merlie was using and I really love this - I seem to want to use it all the time! Same with the glitter Love it!

That same friend's parents also just celebrated their 40th Wedding Annivesary! Which of course is the Ruby Anniversary so I have fun using Red in this Card. I wasn't too sure how it would turn out - but again - I liked it more the next day! I'm a little disappointed in how the flowers turned out - they almost look like poinsettas!!
My Cousin and her husband also celebrated their 20th Wedding annivesray this month and this was the card I made for them. We went out for dinner to Ruth's Chris Steak House and I think that's becoming one of my favorite restaurants!! The meals are delish and even if you don't have room - you gotta have dessert! I can't recommend just one because they are all so amazing!! And again - used the stencil and the glitter! Merlie - you've got me really addicted!
And finally - the last picture to post on the blog....a friend from knows I make cards and has a seen a couple of them and suggested that I make a few for our annual Red Cross Silent Auction Fund Raiser we do at work. This made me very nervous - as it's really putting myself out there and I'm not at all that comfortable with the thought of it - but took in a deep breath and said why not. It's for a very good cause. So I decided I would do three box sets. So I did 4 birthday cards, 4 thinking of you cards and 4 Christmas Cards. And as an added bonus I also made 8 bows. 4 to match the birthday card colors and 4 to match the Christmas card colors. The cards are pretty much all the same style with color and label variations. And again - used the stencil technique. I really like the way this turned out - still really nervous about this. The auction isn't until November 19th - so I still have a few weeks to stew over the idea of my projects being out there! But - you don't ever get anywhere without taking the first step. Don't know if I really have any where to go - but at least I'm taking a first step!
Again - I apologize for the long windedness of this post and I promise to have an update on the Ugly card shortly!
Thanks for stoppin' by!
Little D

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ugly Card Update

Okay - so the Ugly Card is definitely making it's way across Britian! It's now just outside of Liverpool. I'll get a proper post hopefully later this week with all the details!!

Thanks for Stoppin' by!

Little D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally....Blogging Back to Normal? Not quite!

Okay - so it still amazes me how much goes by so quickly! Again our schedule has been crazy busy - but not really sure what we've been doing! LOL! We were in Seattle over Thanksgiving weekend with a couple of friends of ours to take in some Football and Seafood! I LOVE going to Seattle! And now I've discovered Nordstrom's Rack - I love it even more! The weekend was a great weekend! We go again in December and I know I'll be doing more shopping!

I apologize now as this will be a lengthy blog and several pictures! I've had several cards to make....We had Calgas on Friday night and I made this card for our challenge. It's a shower card I made for my sister and my Nephew, Jack who is already 5 weeks old!!

The sentiment below the images is 'Adorable'. Doesn't really show up on th picture very well. I used my Cuttlebug embossing folder on the back ground paper. I really like these colors together - and I just adore this image!

I also had to make a bridal shower card for a friend who is getting married in November and the shower was on Saturday. I just couldn't get any mojo happening on Friday. Played around with a few ideas - but just couldn't get it together. So Saturday morning I had to make my Nephew's time capsule for the shower and that's a whole lot of crafting stuff so that got my mojo flowing and was able to create this card for the bridal shower - which unfortunately I didn't make it to.

Me and another friend went in together for a gift card for Beds Bath and Beyond so had to make a gift card holder. I found this technique on SCS and thought it was really quite unique. Incredibly easy to do and I love how it looks! I used an embossing forlder for the dots and used a sponge stamp to go over the embossing details. Merlie used this technique at Calgals and I love how it looks!

This is the inside of the card and the gift card fits beautifully in the holder!

And since my mojo was flowing like it hasn't flowed in a very long time - I jumped on Tracy's Christmas Challenge for this month and completed my cards! Our challenge was to create gift card holders and since I loved how this turned out in my bridal shower card - I used the same technique in these cards as well.

Here are all 5!

So I know this was quite a winded post - but I still think the next few weeks are going to be hit and miss as we're getting ready to start the big move! November 15th will come awfully quickly and I haven't even started to pack! So I'll be busy getting things organized and packed. I can't wait until I'm in my new craft room! I'll definitley post pictures as the space is quite unique!
I also made a birthday card for my friends little girl who turned 4 - but I'll get the posted later!
Thanks for stoppin' by!
Little D

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Ugly Card Update

Again - very excited to get a message about the Travelling Ugly Card!! It has arrived safe and sound for a lovely vacation in England! Lyn received it from Rita and it's on its way again! Check out Lyn's blog from the 24th of September for the Ugly Card Update and see the pictures she's taken with it! My favorite is the dog checking it out!!

Thanks, Lyn for playing along! This is actually a lot more fun than I had anticipated! Even my hubby likes the updates!!

For those of you keeping track:

Tracy in Calgary to Jen in Hawaii to Rita in Masachusets and now Lyn in England!

Thanks gals for the postive's definitely helps when things get icky!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D