Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Ugly Card Update

Again - very excited to get a message about the Travelling Ugly Card!! It has arrived safe and sound for a lovely vacation in England! Lyn received it from Rita and it's on its way again! Check out Lyn's blog from the 24th of September for the Ugly Card Update and see the pictures she's taken with it! My favorite is the dog checking it out!!

Thanks, Lyn for playing along! This is actually a lot more fun than I had anticipated! Even my hubby likes the updates!!

For those of you keeping track:

Tracy in Calgary to Jen in Hawaii to Rita in Masachusets and now Lyn in England!

Thanks gals for the postive's definitely helps when things get icky!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D



Hiya Dianne
I am just dropping you a line to let you know I have received your "Beautiful Ugly Card" from the lovely Lyn (Spyder). I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, and my hubby and I are going away this weekend to Scarborough (North Yorkshire) as it's our
44th Wedding Anniversary today. I may take some pics. whilst I'm away and will post on my blog next week before sending your card to the next lucky player!

Have a great weekend,
Love Sylvia xxxxxxx

Merlie said...

I love the ugly card update.

Cath Wilson said...

Hi Diane

Just letting you know that the Ugly card has arrived in Merseyside, England - just 20 minutes from Beatles land, Liverpool.

I promise not to keep it too long and will send it to another lucky person as soon as I get the chance to take the photo. What a great idea! Thank you.