Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where have the days gone?

I can't believe it's June 3oth and it's been two weeks since my last post!  It's unbelievable how quick the time has gone by.  Things have been crazy busy with ball FINALLY we've had some pretty decent weather!  With it being June 30th, and nothing like leaving it to the last minute - here are my cards for Tracy's Christmas challenge.  I love these little cards - they are 3 1/2 square cards that have a triangle tri-fold in them.  I used different images for each of the cards - but the inside sentiment is the same.

After  making these - I realized - I don't have any envelopes for these!  Guess I'll be making envelopes for these!!  I like the challenges Tracy has been putting out every month!  It definitely helps get the creative juices flowing and opens me up to different techniques and really lets me explore my creativity!

I haven't done much Mojo Monday challenges for awhile and haven't done a Copic Color challenge lately either.  The next couple of weekends are open for me so I'll have to try and get a couple of challenges going!

On the 17th - we had our Calgals night and Merlie brought the challenge for the night - and this was my creation:

I've been working on a couple of other projects but haven't quite finished them.  My mom and older sister are going to Vegas on Sunday to meet up with my Cousin and her husband who are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary.  My mom has asked me to do up a card - so I'm right in the middle of that.  Once I get that finished - I'll have it posted.   

My sister who was in the car accident is doing good!  They got their car back today and the damage was a little over $3000.00 - but at least it was fixable!!  Tomorrow is Canada Day here so we get a day off!  Kinda sucky that it's in the middle of the week - but it's still a day off!  And Friday is the kick off to The Calgary Stampede - which is Parade Day!  Downtown Calgary is pretty much shut down from 7:00 - 12:00 while the parade is going on!  Our office is closed in the am - but I have booked the entire day off - so I have a very short week!  I'm hoping to maybe go golfing on Friday - but we'll have to see what the day brings - meaning - what time I decide to get out of bed!!

Thanks for Stoppin' by!

Little D.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weird Emotional Night.....

Well a few things going on - no cards to post - but have a couple of projects - including Tracy's Christmas Challenge.  I've also finally managed to change the color of my comment link so that you can actually see where it is!  Sorry if you've wanted to leave a comment but couldn't see where it was at!

Today is a special day for me.  21 years ago Eric and I officially started dating.  We don't really do anything to celebrate - but it's a fun kinda anniversary for us.  It's also my dad's birthday.  My dad would have been 65 today but passed away almost 11 years ago.  So this day has always been a bit of a weird emotional day - missing my dad - and celebrating us being together.

But what made it even more of an emotional day - my sister who is 6 months pregnant and 3 year old niece were in a car accident tonight.  They're both fine - just really shaken up.  She called just after 9:00 to see if I could come and get them as her hubby was at a movie.  She was very shaken up when she called - so the police officer on sight had to come on the phone to let me know where they were and to reassure me that they were fine.  Still didn't do much for my nerves - so had to get hubby to drive as I bit shakey.  My sister had rear-ended the car in front of her due to a chain reaction of a car two in front of her slamming on the breaks.  There was quite a bit of damage to her car - leaking antifreeze all over the road - and a very crumpled hood - but no real damage to the car she hit.  And to add to the accident - the girl she hit is also 6 months pregnant - but she was also fine.  

When we got to where they were - my niece came up to me and said "my car has a boo boo - it ran into another car".  Which melted my heart and made me feel way better!

So it's now just after midnight and I think I've calmed down enough that I'm off to bed to try and get a decent night sleep.

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Little D

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nieces and Nephews - Oh My!!

Spring is finally here and seems to be sticking around.  And June is another busy month for us.  Birthday for my niece and nephew, anniversary for my older sister - their 2oth this year!  And me and my hubby have a special anniversary as well.  On the 16th we will have been together for 21 years!  My gosh...time flies when you're having fun!

Three years ago on June 15th, this amazing little angel came into our lives.  This is my 3 year old Niece Machayla.  My younger sister named her Machayla with the unique spelling for a couple of reasons.   Both our family and my brother in law's family have Scottish routes  - me and my two sisters are first generation Canadian - my parents are from Scotland so it has a bit of a gaelic twist on it.  And the second reason is because of my Dad.  My maiden name is MacCluskey - so my dad was always called Mac.  My dad passed away in August 1998 And of course - with Machayla, we now call her Mac.  She is a lot of fun and I love spending every chance I get with her - which, sadly - is not nearly enough for me!  We are going to Calaway Park tomorrow and then having brunch on Sunday to celebrate her birthday.

This is her card that I've made, which
 is also Mojo Monday Sketch #90. I really like the way the colors came together and of course I love my fairy stamps from The Greeting Farm.  

I colored the fairy using  - but of course - Copic markers - which I still really love using!  And I'm definitely getting more and more comfortable using them.

I used YG01 and YG03 for the dress, YR23, Y26, E33 for the hair and C1 and C3 for the wings.  You can't really see in the picture  but I've used glitter pen on the wings to give it that extra sparkle

At the opposite end of the spectrum is my oldest nephew, who turned 21 on the 1st of June!  He is also an angel - in his own way.  He ran the Uncover the Cure run last weekend and as promised - I have pictures!  I'm sure he'll be thrilled when he knows I've posted the pictures here!  He's is very kind and has a huge heart - on most days!  And he's a cuddler - he likes to hug.  And what else is huggable??  That's right - a Bunny!

This is him posing just after I presented him with his outfit.  He was a great sport about the whole thing!  This is actually a very special event for me and my hubby as his Step-Dad passed away from Prostate Cancer.  Next year me and my two sisters are going to do the 5 K walk....I can guarantee I won't be wearing anything this revealing - but I'm sure there will be some sort of wagering involved again!

Here we are at the end of the race!  He did really well.  He wanted to run it in 57 minutes and came in around the 48 minute marker.  I haven't heard his official time - but he did great!  He did have to take the ears off and carry them as the are apparently not very aerodynamic!

I still have another couple of cards to do this weekend but can't say what they are for - just in case they happen to stop by and see what I've done!  I'll have them posted soon!  And I might have a special project to work on.....but more on that much later!

Thanks for stoppin by!

Little D

Sunday, June 7, 2009

As Promised.

Here is my card for June Aloha Rak.  The challenge was to create with flowers.  And the images is Tink from The Greeting Farm.

Today was a better day weather wise - in the fact there was no snow...yet!

Working with the bright colors and flowers on my card definitely picked up my mood!  If I can't see flowers outside - at least I can see them here!

My oldest nephew, Chris  who just turned 21 - was in 'Uncover The Cure' run for Cancer yesterday and he was hoping to do his 10K in 57 minutes and he ran it in about 48 minutes.  I don't have a pic to post yet - but because we donated the most - we got to pick out what his outfit would be.  Most  of the runners wear some sort of underwear.....so needless to say - I went shopping at Lasenza and got the cutest little bunny outfit for him to wear.  And true to his word - he wore it!  I'll get the pictures posted as soon as I charge my battery camera!

I'll have another post this week as my niece turns 3 next weekend and of course need to do her card and we have some friends that are moving away so I'll try and get their card done as well!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

Saturday, June 6, 2009

still here.....

Just a little note to say that I'm still here....just been crazy. Don't have any new images to post - yet - but will have something done by the weekend.

We had snow again yesterday.....very frustrating!  The Farmer's Almanac said we were supposed to have a hotter summer than normal.....All I can say is I HOPE SO!  We've really only had a couple of days of decent weather this 'spring'....Our trees have finally come into full bloom and we're starting to get some flowers - but then we get snow....

We've had a couple of decent weekends and one of the weekends we were in BC for golfing weekend for a friends's 4oth birthday and it was a great weekend - also very hot!  And it was quite nice to touch my clubs again!

We were in Vegas again last weekend.  And they're having an amazing spring.  It was 36 + degrees c. every day - too hot to even stay in by the pool!  But we had a great time!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have another posting for tomorrow!