Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where have the days gone?

I can't believe it's June 3oth and it's been two weeks since my last post!  It's unbelievable how quick the time has gone by.  Things have been crazy busy with ball FINALLY we've had some pretty decent weather!  With it being June 30th, and nothing like leaving it to the last minute - here are my cards for Tracy's Christmas challenge.  I love these little cards - they are 3 1/2 square cards that have a triangle tri-fold in them.  I used different images for each of the cards - but the inside sentiment is the same.

After  making these - I realized - I don't have any envelopes for these!  Guess I'll be making envelopes for these!!  I like the challenges Tracy has been putting out every month!  It definitely helps get the creative juices flowing and opens me up to different techniques and really lets me explore my creativity!

I haven't done much Mojo Monday challenges for awhile and haven't done a Copic Color challenge lately either.  The next couple of weekends are open for me so I'll have to try and get a couple of challenges going!

On the 17th - we had our Calgals night and Merlie brought the challenge for the night - and this was my creation:

I've been working on a couple of other projects but haven't quite finished them.  My mom and older sister are going to Vegas on Sunday to meet up with my Cousin and her husband who are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary.  My mom has asked me to do up a card - so I'm right in the middle of that.  Once I get that finished - I'll have it posted.   

My sister who was in the car accident is doing good!  They got their car back today and the damage was a little over $3000.00 - but at least it was fixable!!  Tomorrow is Canada Day here so we get a day off!  Kinda sucky that it's in the middle of the week - but it's still a day off!  And Friday is the kick off to The Calgary Stampede - which is Parade Day!  Downtown Calgary is pretty much shut down from 7:00 - 12:00 while the parade is going on!  Our office is closed in the am - but I have booked the entire day off - so I have a very short week!  I'm hoping to maybe go golfing on Friday - but we'll have to see what the day brings - meaning - what time I decide to get out of bed!!

Thanks for Stoppin' by!

Little D.


Tracy.H said...

These turned out great!! Enjoy your short week...I am off to work. :0(

mudmaven said...

Great cards! Those xmas challenge cards are just outstanding! ~chris

Merlie said...

They turned out good! I hope you didn't have to re-cut them again. Go golfing! You can sleep in on the weekend.