Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just checking in

Well we are home from our holidays and we had an amazing time! I don't have any pics to post at this time but I should have some there are definitely a few highlights from our trip including a meet and greet with Jeff Goldbloom and we got hang out on set with him as well! He is incredibly friendly and incredibly tall!

And the main reason for the trip was my cousin in law was running in the Boston Marathon. He did incredible well! He wanted to do the race in 3 hours but was done in 3 hours and 8 minutes. But he was quite happy with that. And with that time he qualifies Again for next year. could this become an annual event for us? I definitely see that as a possibility. Boston is a beautiful city and the history there is amazing. You learn about it all in school but to actually stand at these places was so surreal And amazing! And the organization of the race itself is so well done. We had an amazing time.

We also did a lot of shows in New York. 6 in 4 days to be exact. We don't get to New York nearly as often as we would like so we cram as much in as we can. The good news is that we will be back there again in August.

Another highlight was purchasing our ipads which I am posting this post from! They are a lot of fun. The only bad thing right now is that they are not available in Canada so therefore there are no apps available at this time. But soon!

We also got to take in a Red Sox game at Fenway park. I', not much of a Red sox fan but to see Fenway Park was a great experience and again a lot of history there. and we also got to go to a Bruins game at The Garden. again not Bruins fans but my nubby is a huge Celtics fan and they play in the same arena so nubby was happy to see that.

Well thats it for now. I should have pics soon!

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Little D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

On vacation!

Just a quick note that I am boston right now as my cousin is running in the Boston marathon tomorrow and we are we here to support him and we are loving it! And as a side note I am posting this from my new iPad! And it's amazing! I will be posting some pictures when I get home!

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Little D

Monday, April 5, 2010

Just a quick note....

Well whatever was happening with the Mac is all better.....for now!  For some reason it decided it wanted to disconnect from the network - but things seem to be much better!  No picture to post but I will have one done this week.  My boss turns 5o this year and we're having a potluck on Thursday and I was asked to make her card....NO PRESSURE!  It's actually fine - I really get along with my boss so this isn't anything that will stress me out!  So I have to have it done by Wednesday night so I should have it posted soon!

We're finally having our House Warming party this upcoming weekend!  Still not quite fully unpacked....but slowly and surely we're getting there!  I think I will also have some pics of the craft room to post.  The room still isn't quite done - but I don't think I'll have it finished before the weekend.  But we'll see!

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Little D