Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy Little B....or should I say D....

Well July certainly has been a busy month for me!  We've had a few birthdays and a 50th wedding anniversary.

Eric's brother's birthday was at the end of June and this was the card I did.  I used a Mojo Monday sketch - but didn't remember which one and the notes I did write are somewhere in my room.....I have paper everywhere!

It's a fun card with An 'udder birthday stamp set being used.  I really liked how the color turned out on this!  my BIL thought it was fun.  He's in his 40's and got a kick out of it!

My Niece also turned 4 this June.  I can't believe how quickly she's growing.  Her dance recital was also in June and she did her dance number to The Little Mermaid so I thought it appropriate to do this card for her.

And here she is.....

Some days I think she's smarter than she realizes!  But she is a lot of fun!

And finally my Aunt and Uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 23.  It's amazing that people can still be in love after all that time.  The card I did for them was a variation of Mojo Monday  from week 148.  I really like how this turned out.

The designer paper I used is from and I love it.

So I finally got some images up and posted which makes me feel a bit better!

WE are off to NY city next week for a trip with friends of ours and it's going to be an action packed week filled with some amazing events taking place.  I'll have some pics to post when we get back.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Whew time flies!

It's hard to believe that it's been over a month well almost two months since my last post!

Things are always a bit more hectic in the summer. Well if you can call what we are having summer. Crappy weather all around! Ball tournaments galore! I have done a couple of cards which I'll get up soon but just wanted to get in a quick update as my conscience finally got caught up to me.

I hope every one is having a wonderful summer and 8'll have a post with pics soon!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome to Little D's Place!

Finally and after quite some time - I have pictures to post of my craft space - AKA converted attic!

So welcome to Little D Creations.  This is my main space that has everything in arms reach - well in my case maybe two arms length!  All of the white furniture you see and the small silver file cabinet are all my ikea purchases - which have definitely made my space comfortable and easy to create in!

The wooden desk that holds my Scor-Pal, Cutter and Cuttlebug is a drafting table that used to belong to my late father-in-law who was also very creative.  He was a painter and I'm quite honored to have this as part of my creative space.  I originally was going to use this as my main desk area - as you can adjust the angle of the table which I thought would be great.  However - after using it a couple of times  it felt a bit awkward and wasn't 100% solid which made stamping images a bit of challenge.  However it's new purpose is absolutely perfect - and works great as a 2nd dairy work space for when I have the girls over!

This is to the side of my main work space.  This is where I store my cards I've made plus other storage.  Again an Ikea product and this is also the only space in my room where the wall is completely straight!  You can see how the walls angle up to the roof.  And it's quite a sharp angle - so much several people have bonked their head coming into and out of the room - Sorry again, Allison!!

My stamp storage.  I actually started to get quite organized and placed all my stamps in CD cases and have catelouged most of them in the white binder between the shelves.  This definitely has made finding images must easier!

My main work desk with my special edition Cricket Expressions machine - which I'm still loving!!

And finally my connection to the blogging world!  My Mac which is all better and making my life enjoyable again!  This rolls perfectly under the desk so when I don't need it - it's not in my way - but it's always just a roll away when I need to do some searching on the net!

And I'm a huge Pooh fan - if you haven't already picked that up from my blog page!  There are over 80 Pooh's in this corner plus a few other special stuffed animals.  And yes - that little hole in the floor is the main access to Little D's!  You can see how much the walls are slanted in this picture and the reason for the several bonkings!!

So this is Little D's!  I'm very happy with how this turned out and even tried a few different locations within the room to see where the best mojo was felt and have been absolutely delighted with how this has turned out!  It was fun knowing that when the house was done I would have an amazing crafting area - but I could never have dreamed that it would turn out as good as it has!  My wish is that all crafters out there get their own space to call their own as it makes crafting much more personal and enjoyable!

And now onto my latest project.  This is the banner that I have done up for my niece's 4th Birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.  I unfortunately won't be able to attend the party as we are in Vegas on that weekend - but I've been very happy to create this for her.  She is having a Fairy themed party and with the help of my cricket was able to do this up.

All of the smaller fairies that are sitting on the paper are all likenesses of the kids who are going to be at the party.  I had my sister tell me the hair color and eye color of each child and colored each fairy accordingly.  This makes it a bit more personal for the kids and my sister will use these for the goodiebag tags.  Here is Machayla's:

So all in all it's been a fairly productive couple of weeks getting my room finished and getting the banner and Fairy cards done for my niece.

I still have a few projects to do - Tracy's Christmas Challenge (which I think might be late again!!) and another little project for my team leader's granddaughter!

But in the meantime - thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back To Normal?

Okay, so I think things are starting to get back to normal!  My Mac finally crapped out and ended up having a complete hard drive crash.  So finally got the hard drive replaced and seems things to be running smoothly!  Other than I'm having issues printing to my printer in my craft room so I'm currently working on that!!

I know it's been quite a while since my last posting and and even longer time since I've posted some cards!  Well today I'm going to rectify that!  In one of my older posts I was talking about a card I needed to make for my boss who turned 50.  Here is that card!  Again had fun using my Cricket!

And another card that I had to make was for my mom's cousin.  They are celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary this year - can you imagine?  To put it in perspective - my mom was their flower girl!! She was 4!  That is pretty amazing!  The fact that they haven't killed each other after all that time!! ;)

Here is the card I made for them:

The designer paper I used is  I love this!  And the stamp set is a new set I bought at Michaels as I don't have much in the way of wedding/anniversary stamps.  

And finally - almost 2 months late - but finally got Tracy's Christmas Challenge done from last month where the main image had to be DP.  I am working this months and do want to get this done in time - but  at least I'm still getting them done - even if they are late!!

Here are the  5 cards!  I used this weeks Mojo Monday sketch and quite like how they turned out.  Not your normal Christmas colors - but I think it works!

Anyhow, it was great to be able to post some pictures and I should have a few more projects up and coming - another wedding - another Christmas Challenge and my neice who turns 4 this year is having a Fairy Themed birthday so I'll be working a few projects for that!

AND I believe I finally have my craft room complete and set up!  Did another Ikea run and got the final pieces I wanted.  I'll get some pictures posted soon!

It feels good to be back to "Normal"!

Thanks for Stoppin' By!

Little D

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Home again, home again

Well we are on our way back home from Vegas just hanging out at the airport. And alas no camera kits available for the iPad. We will just have to wait and get them at the end of may when they are available in Canada! So in the meantime I will have to see if I can figure out how to download my pics through iTunes. Wish me luck!

The weather was amazing and we had a lot of fun! On Friday night we were at the Voodoo long on the top of the Rio and it was a beautiful night with absolutely no wind. The shopping was great as always-again over our limit of what we were allowed.

Anyhow back to reality and hopefully warmer weather!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Off again

Well another quick post. We're off again to Las Vegas this time. A bunch of my hubbies friends and including my hubby turn 40 this year so there is about 30 of us going for the weekend. And of course it is one of our favorite places to go!

Things have been pretty hectic since we've been back so much so that I didn't even get a chance to tracy's Christmas challenge this month. I'll still do them as I always need to do my Christmas cards and I love doing these types of cards.

And I'm hoping in vegas we'll be able to pick up the camera attachment for the iPad to make it easier to get the pics on so that is the goal this weekend so that I can get some pics on this blog.

Thanks for stoppin' by

Little D.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just checking in

Well we are home from our holidays and we had an amazing time! I don't have any pics to post at this time but I should have some there are definitely a few highlights from our trip including a meet and greet with Jeff Goldbloom and we got hang out on set with him as well! He is incredibly friendly and incredibly tall!

And the main reason for the trip was my cousin in law was running in the Boston Marathon. He did incredible well! He wanted to do the race in 3 hours but was done in 3 hours and 8 minutes. But he was quite happy with that. And with that time he qualifies Again for next year. could this become an annual event for us? I definitely see that as a possibility. Boston is a beautiful city and the history there is amazing. You learn about it all in school but to actually stand at these places was so surreal And amazing! And the organization of the race itself is so well done. We had an amazing time.

We also did a lot of shows in New York. 6 in 4 days to be exact. We don't get to New York nearly as often as we would like so we cram as much in as we can. The good news is that we will be back there again in August.

Another highlight was purchasing our ipads which I am posting this post from! They are a lot of fun. The only bad thing right now is that they are not available in Canada so therefore there are no apps available at this time. But soon!

We also got to take in a Red Sox game at Fenway park. I', not much of a Red sox fan but to see Fenway Park was a great experience and again a lot of history there. and we also got to go to a Bruins game at The Garden. again not Bruins fans but my nubby is a huge Celtics fan and they play in the same arena so nubby was happy to see that.

Well thats it for now. I should have pics soon!

Thanks for stopping' by

Little D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

On vacation!

Just a quick note that I am boston right now as my cousin is running in the Boston marathon tomorrow and we are we here to support him and we are loving it! And as a side note I am posting this from my new iPad! And it's amazing! I will be posting some pictures when I get home!

Thanks for stopping by!

Little D

Monday, April 5, 2010

Just a quick note....

Well whatever was happening with the Mac is all better.....for now!  For some reason it decided it wanted to disconnect from the network - but things seem to be much better!  No picture to post but I will have one done this week.  My boss turns 5o this year and we're having a potluck on Thursday and I was asked to make her card....NO PRESSURE!  It's actually fine - I really get along with my boss so this isn't anything that will stress me out!  So I have to have it done by Wednesday night so I should have it posted soon!

We're finally having our House Warming party this upcoming weekend!  Still not quite fully unpacked....but slowly and surely we're getting there!  I think I will also have some pics of the craft room to post.  The room still isn't quite done - but I don't think I'll have it finished before the weekend.  But we'll see!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Christmas, Goodbye and Crazy Computers!

Well here are my cards for Tracy's Christmas Challenge. The challenge was to use snowmen and I love this image! I used an old Mojo Monday sketch for the layout and I really love these cards!! I went against my normal size and thought I'd try something a little different and voila - here they are and on time!

This is a card I made for a friend who is moving to Vancouver this week. She is taking quite a courageous step taking a job that she's never done before - still in radio - but it sounds like an amazing adventure for her! She is really looking forward to it and even though we'll miss her like crazy - it's the best thing she can do for herself! I used my Lion stamp as the Lion is the symbol of courage from the Wizard of Oz - so I thought it was quite appropriate!! Good luck Andy!!

Well things here are settling down abit as Ringette is over. We ended up in 5th in Provincials - not the result we wanted - but our team played incredibly well under the circumstances so it was a great way to end the season.
And here I thought I'd have a couple of weeks off before I got into ball season - but because we've had enough decent weather - we have practice tomorrow night!! I can hear my muscles screaming already!!
My Mac has crashed yet again - so we've decided to finally take it in. Doesn't mean too much for me other than I've lost my computer in my craft room so have to use the one on the main floor. A bit of an inconvenience but at least I can still get on-line!! Hopefully they can get it figured out and soon!! This running up and down the ladder sucks!
Thanks for stoppin' by!
Little D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthdays, Partying, and Gearing up for Provincials

Well - first off - I did survive the night out at Ranchman's and actually had a very good time!  It's been a while since I've had a real good night out!  I was planning on being home between 10 and dropped me off at 1:08 am....had a great time!  10 - 12 Paralyzers I'm sure had something to do with that - but who can say?

This week has brought two more birthdays!  This one I made for a friend of mine - her birthday is tomorrow.  The mushroom is another Expressions creation.  The frog is from SU Frolicking Frogs.  It's a fun set - one I haven't used very much.  This isn't how the card started out.  I didn't like how I added some bling to to so I just cut out the main image and stuck a neutral color behind it.  Not my best work.  I do like the main image on this card.  I used distress ink behind the images to help make them pop a little  

This one I made for my sister who's birthday is actually today!  Happy Birthday Paula!  This is a simple layer card - but I absolutely love this DP!  It's from s-e-i Black Orchid stack pad.  I've used the paper a couple of times now and I love how the colors mix.  Color combos I normally wouldn't consider - but I love this.  It's quite simple - however - after it's was put together - decided I really need to focus when I'm cutting my paper - not all quite even.  But I really do like how this card came together!

We didn't win our ringette last weekend - but the important thing about the game is that we played very well and we were quite focused for the most part.  All things we want to take forward going into Provincials next weekend!  I'm really excited about it.  I believe we have a strong chance of coming in the top 3.  I'll definitely let you know how we do!

I have a couple of more cards to make this week - another birthday and a good-bye card.  One the gals I play ringette and softball with is moving to Vancouver on April 1 - and it's not an April Fools joke.  She's in Radio and an opportunity for her came up and it was one she couldn't refuse.  She's wanted to be in the Vancouver area for quite some time - so this is a great thing for her.  Sucky for us - but great for her!

Plus I have to work on Tracy's Christmas Challenge the month.  I didn't get last month's in on time so I really got to get this one done!

So this will be a busy week for me!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Does time ever stop passing so fast?

Well I'm back in my craft room and I realize that it's been almost two weeks since my last posting!  Unbelievable!  Where does the time go  - really??  Where does it go?  And I know there are those 'professional' bloggers who post every day - and ya know  who don't like to follow us lowley once a week bloggers - but hey - it is what it is!  Sorry Allison - couldn't resist!!  That's if you even check my blog!!  LOL.....gotta love inside jokes!!

This is a card that I made for a friend at work who's mom passed away.  I always find Sympathy cards hard to do - but I really like how this came together.  And it gave me a good chance to play with my new Expressions machine which I'm definitely getting used to and really starting to like.

My craft room is very slowly getting put together but I think will still be a bit of work.  We are now into playoffs for Ringette and I have a game tomorrow morning and if we win by 3 we play Sunday and Monday as well.  The good thing is we've already qualified for Provincials which are the last weekend in March here in Calgary and after that's done - I'll have about a month break before ball season starts!  I really don't know what I would do if I didn't have my sports....I know - I'd be a daily blogger - I'm sure of it!!  LOL.

It's another friend from work's birthday on Monday and we're heading to the Ranchman's tomorrow I looking forward to it?? Let me put it to you this way - the Ranchman's as it sounds - is a country bar......I am not a Country girl....I'm definitely a rock and roll kinda girl so the idea of having a fun night out with the girls is very exciting - but the whole idea of being in a country bar for several hours does not appeal to me!  This is her card I made - a bit appropriate as it's a bit of county styling.  I used Mojo Monday Sketch for this week.

I'll let you know how well I survived the night!

Thanks for stoppin by!

Little D

Monday, March 1, 2010

Too Emotional to Craft

What a weekend!

okay - so I was all se to get my challenge done for Tracy's Christmas challenge - even had all the pieces cut and read to go after the hockey game much for that plan! Talk about an emotional weekend! Wow was that a fantastic final weekend of the Olympics! I have never been more proud to be Canadian than after this weekend! It started Friday night with Canada vs Finland - and we were at Nancy's for Calgals....I had two birthday cards to make for Saturday and the 5 cards for Tracy's Christmas Nancy had a color challenge for us as about a stress filled was I going to focus on my projects at hand whilst the hockey game was on...thank goodness for a big screen TV in the basement right by the crafting area! Well I got to work on my two birthday cards.

This is the card I made for my nephew Kevan who was in town from Surrey, BC along with his brother and mom. This was also Nancy's color challenge - so I was able to kill two birds with one stone! I really like how this came together - quite a fun card. Kevan was our ring bearer at our wedding when he was 7 - he's now 23....unbelieveable!

This was the card I made for my Niece. She's much older than I'd care to admit right now!! I LOVE this card - so much so that I didn't want to give it to her!! I made the flowers like Merlie had on her blog and really like this technique. You cut out the flowers and crumple them then use clear embossing power and emboss them. They end up with a nice clear finish and very firm.

So then it was on to the Christmas Challenge. I did really well - getting the main images and layers complete. All I needed to do was add some embellishments which I got all ready to go Saturday night - lots of time for putting them together in time for the deadline.....little did I know that the Canada vs USA game was going to be as stressfull as it was. I knew it was going to be a great game - but to have it end the way it ended was too much for me. And as I watched the rest of the country react the same way I did - just made it even more emotional for me. I was so emotionally exhausted that I literally did not have any energy to do anything the rest of the night. But with that - I was in bed at a decent hour and woke up refreshed and rearing to go. Got home after work and was able to get them done - a little past the deadline - but none the less - done!

I think they turned out okay - loving the Olympic Colors!

Anyhow - now that the Olympics are over - I should be able to get back to my 'normal' routine again!

Thanks for Stoppin' by!

Little D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time Flies When You're Crazy Busy

I can't believe my last posting was January 31st!  But things have been pretty busy in my world.  This will be just an update to get back in touch!

Hubby had knee surgery.  They fixed the meniscus which was a bit damage and we were worried about his ACL.  His surgeon didn't touch his ACL this time - but he definitely wants to talk some more about it - so it does look like he'll be having more knee surgery - we just don't know when.  He has his follow up appointment this coming week so we'll see what the surgeon has to say!

I was then in Spruce Grove - just north of Edmonton for a Ringette Tournament.  And even though we went 2-1 in the round robin - we got bumped from the final by having to go to a 3rd tie-breaker rule.  It was quite frustrating to not make it the final.  But we did have a good night bonding with the team and there was quite a bit of drinking......a good weekend heading into our playoffs which start in a couple of weeks.

The house is really starting to come together - still no pics of the new craft room as it's not quite finished.  Still want a couple of more pieces to put it all together.  I'm hoping that it'll be more or less done by the end of this month and I'll be able to post some pictures.

I finally caved and bought a Cricket Expressions.  I've been back and forth on whether or not to get one and hubby and I were at Michaels getting some framing done and I was back over in the area looking at them.  The cartridges were on sale and they had the Breast Cancer special Edition one - so - finally bit the bullet and got it.  Haven't had much time to play with it yet - but Tracy did come over and helped me break it in!

And now the Olympics are on and I am an Olympic Snob - I love the Olympics so I watch as much as I can and being in Vancouver which is an amazing city - they time difference is only an hour so it works out very well for me!  Some of the Olympics that have been in other parts of the world really screws up my sleep for two weeks!  But with them being so close - I get home from work and the nights we are not out - I'm on my couch from 5:o0 until Midnight watching all the action!  The Olympics is in essence true athleticism at it's best.  It's where anything can happen and the underdog can come out on top.   And the emotion these competitors show are true and so very honest that you  can't help feel what they are experiencing.   And makes you want to be part of it.  The Visa Commercials with Morgan Freedman narrating are the best.  GO WORLD is right.  The Olympics always have an underlying message of peace and hope for the world.  Hopefully that underlying message can come through in every day life and not just every two years.

Anyhow - that's my udpate for now....sorry for the delay - and I'll try and post again next week with some actual pictures of stuff I've made!  I know I'll be working on Tracy's Christmas Challenge again!

Thanks for Stoppin' by!

Little D

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tracy's Christmas Challenge 2010 #1

I've had my cards done for awhile for Tracy's Christmas Card Challenge - but nothing like saving it to the last minute to get them posted!!

I love this design of these cards.  It adds something unique rather than your traditional card!!

I can definitely see me doing more of the easel cards!

Hubby and I were in Vegas for the past four days.  We decided that we needed a break where he didn't stay in the hotel room all weekend!  We stayed at the Newest Hotel and Casino - Aria - and I can easily say that this is our newest favorite place to stay!  It is beautiful!  The rooms were spectacular and we were in just a standard room!  We do want to stay in a suite next time - but we'll have to see if we get any decent offers to upgrade!  The location is great and with the tram running between Monte Carlo, Aria and Belagio - it makes getting around that much easier as well!  Also - Aria is the first Green Hotel on the strip - everything is used with renewable energy - and they also use alternative sources of energy - which hubby and I loved!   All of their clothing they sell in their store is made from organic cotton and recycled fabrics!

We did a bit a of shopping as well.  We each picked up a brief case style bag that has solar panels on it to charge any electric device you have.  It comes with a bunch of attachments and you can get more to accommodate what you have!  They are very cool!!

Even if you don't stay at Aria next time you're in Vegas - it's definitely worth stopping in to check out!

Any way - I got my cards posted and in time for the challenge deadline!

Only two more days until Oscar Nominations are announced!  I do an Oscar Pool every year and I'm really looking forward to this year - especially with 10 Best Picture Nominations being announced!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year Challenges

One of the things I want to do this year is to participate in more challenges - really get my mojo flowing.  Allison had a brilliant idea of making a challenge out of old stamp sets that have been sitting around collecting dust - which is a great idea!  The way I figure it is I've spent money on the stamps - they should be used.

The one I decided to use was Hats Off - a Stampin' Up set.  I love this little set - but have very rarely used it - not really sure if I have used it!  I used Mojo Sketch Mojo119 for the layout and I must say I love how this card turned out.  I'm not one for using black and white tones for my cards but Tracy's card did inspire me to use this color scheme.  The color of the hat and her hair sets it off quite nicely.

And I've also used a fabric flower that I've had forever - and same thing - haven't really used these much - but it fit so nicely in with this layout.

It's great to have people out there to help spark your mojo!

I've also finished Tracy's Christmas challenge - but I'll get those posted in the week!

For another bit of inspiration - you really need to check out Merlie's blog....she's done some amazing organizing of her craft space - if that doesn't give you inspiration - I'm not sure what will!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aaah....crafting/Ugly Card Update

Another 'Traveling Ugly Card Update!

The card has reached Linda!  It is definitely making it's way across the British Isles!  Check out Linda's Blog!!

Thanks for playing along Linda!!

Things have definitely calmed down in my world and there seems to be a bit of normal back in my life!  So much so that I've even been able to find time for crafting!  I've made three cards already this year - but the first two I made - I'm not sure what file they were saved to!!  LOL!

But the one I just finished is a birthday card for my mom.  Her birthday is on Tuesday but I'm having dinner tomorrow night for the her and the fam.

This is a diorama card - and I used the Copic Color Challenge for the color scheme.  A little off center - but so is my mom so it's all good!! LOL!  Hopefully she doesn't make it onto my blog this week and read this! 

The Colors that were used are RV11 (didn't have RV21), G00 and B32.  Really pretty, bright colors.  It was fun to color and put this card together!

I've also started getting my new craft room organized.  I must say I love Ikea for the furniture sytlings - but wow can some of their pieces be a bit awkward to put together - and I have the bruises to show for it!!  But very satisfying once the piece is put together.

I don't want to post any pictures just yet - I do want to wait and get the room a bit more organized - still have quite a few boxes to unpack so they're spread out all over the room!  Hopefully soon I'll have it in decent enough shape to post some pics!  I'm loving the way it is coming together.  I still need a few a couple of pieces from Ikea - but I need to decide what I want and what will help the Mojo flow!  We're also going to get better lighting in here - we have a couple of track lights to install as the lighting right now sucks!  Thank goodness for my desk lamp!

And Hubby was able to figure out the network for the computers so I'm totally up and running and have my Mac back up and running and up in my craft room!  No more running up and down stairs with cameras and cords to get the pics uploaded!  Yay for me!

Next weekend is a big Ringette Tournament for me so I don't think I'll get my Blog updated - but maybe next time - I'll have some pics of the room!

Thanks for Stoppin' By!

Little D

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Beginning

Another year has passed and I can't believe it's already 2010!

After a couple of very stressful weeks we are finally in our new home! Moving day was December 7th but because of a mishap with the Gas Company - we didn't get our gas meter until December 17th - which meant that we couldn't move in. Our stuff was good to go - but we could not. So we moved all of our stuff in and starting praying to the gas gods that we would get our meter before Christmas.

But due to the mishap we cancelled our trip to Vegas which meant my hubby couldn't do his meet and greet with Sammy Hagar. Sammy was opening his Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood and we were supposed to be there for the celebration and do a meet and greet.

We gave up possesion on our place on December 11th - which meant we were homeless. Homeless and staying at the Hyatt! I must say it's quite a weird sensation living in a hotel in your home town. The good news was that it was only a couple of blocks from the office and it was a Hyatt. How bad can that be? But I must say - after staying in a hotel for two weeks and not being on vacation was not my idea of a good time. However, I must admit that not having to make my own bed and the chocolates on the pillow every nightdefinitely made it bearable!

I did go to Vegas with my cousin over December 10th weekend and we saw Andre Bocelli in concert - which was amazing! So we did go and eat at the Cabo Wabo Cantina - highly recommend it!! Very good!

We finally got our gas meter on December 17th. And we had a planned weekend in Seattle to go the football game that weekend. Hubby was talking about not going as his thinking was that he could get the house finanlized for the the final city inspection. But me and our two friends convincinced him that he definitely needed a weekend away. So he came. We had a great night Friday - went to dinner had a couple of drinks and were ready for a great weekend. But as luck would have it - hubby got food poisoning and spent the entire weekend in the hotel room. Not much fun for him. He's still not 100% - but slowly getting there. It was the worse kind of food poisoning you can get. Just his luck.

But final inspection passed and the house was our officialy on December 23th. The Best Christmas present we could ask for. I had a couple of days to get things organized and we even had Christmas dinner with his family in the new house.

Things have started to settle in and we've got most of the place set up - a few more boxes to sort through and a few more pictures to hang - but we are finally home.

And now the fun begins. In the new house I have the attic as my craft room and it's about 600 sqft. There is so much space that I really have no idea what I want to do to set it up. Tracy had a great idea of sorting through everything I have to see what kind of storage I need and then I'll hit Ikea to start getting the room set up. The only thing about the room as that three of the four walls are angeled - so I'll have to be a bit creative for organizing the layout! And because it is the attic - the access is the granny style stair ladder which means I only have about 18 inch clearing to get things up there. So I'll have to make sure the boxes of stuff I do get fit!!

I have no pictures to post - but I do have a few cards to do this month so I'll get them posted. And once hubby figures out how to hook up the wireless internet - I'll have my computer up in the room so easy access!!

I hope everyone had a good safe holiday! And all the best for 2010!

Thanks for Stoppin' by!

Little D