Friday, March 12, 2010

Does time ever stop passing so fast?

Well I'm back in my craft room and I realize that it's been almost two weeks since my last posting!  Unbelievable!  Where does the time go  - really??  Where does it go?  And I know there are those 'professional' bloggers who post every day - and ya know  who don't like to follow us lowley once a week bloggers - but hey - it is what it is!  Sorry Allison - couldn't resist!!  That's if you even check my blog!!  LOL.....gotta love inside jokes!!

This is a card that I made for a friend at work who's mom passed away.  I always find Sympathy cards hard to do - but I really like how this came together.  And it gave me a good chance to play with my new Expressions machine which I'm definitely getting used to and really starting to like.

My craft room is very slowly getting put together but I think will still be a bit of work.  We are now into playoffs for Ringette and I have a game tomorrow morning and if we win by 3 we play Sunday and Monday as well.  The good thing is we've already qualified for Provincials which are the last weekend in March here in Calgary and after that's done - I'll have about a month break before ball season starts!  I really don't know what I would do if I didn't have my sports....I know - I'd be a daily blogger - I'm sure of it!!  LOL.

It's another friend from work's birthday on Monday and we're heading to the Ranchman's tomorrow I looking forward to it?? Let me put it to you this way - the Ranchman's as it sounds - is a country bar......I am not a Country girl....I'm definitely a rock and roll kinda girl so the idea of having a fun night out with the girls is very exciting - but the whole idea of being in a country bar for several hours does not appeal to me!  This is her card I made - a bit appropriate as it's a bit of county styling.  I used Mojo Monday Sketch for this week.

I'll let you know how well I survived the night!

Thanks for stoppin by!

Little D


Debbie said...

Hey, good luck in your Ringette games!!! My DD plays Ringette as well. Its not often (actually never!) that I find a fellow stamper/crafter/blogger who plays ringette :-)

Nancy said...

Great lookin' cards, Dianne! So glad to see a post (no matter how often!)

Tracy.H said...

These look great! I am with ya...don't think I could handle a night out there either! Good luck!

We can be bloggin' bums together. I am averaging once a week. ;0)