Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthdays, Partying, and Gearing up for Provincials

Well - first off - I did survive the night out at Ranchman's and actually had a very good time!  It's been a while since I've had a real good night out!  I was planning on being home between 10 and dropped me off at 1:08 am....had a great time!  10 - 12 Paralyzers I'm sure had something to do with that - but who can say?

This week has brought two more birthdays!  This one I made for a friend of mine - her birthday is tomorrow.  The mushroom is another Expressions creation.  The frog is from SU Frolicking Frogs.  It's a fun set - one I haven't used very much.  This isn't how the card started out.  I didn't like how I added some bling to to so I just cut out the main image and stuck a neutral color behind it.  Not my best work.  I do like the main image on this card.  I used distress ink behind the images to help make them pop a little  

This one I made for my sister who's birthday is actually today!  Happy Birthday Paula!  This is a simple layer card - but I absolutely love this DP!  It's from s-e-i Black Orchid stack pad.  I've used the paper a couple of times now and I love how the colors mix.  Color combos I normally wouldn't consider - but I love this.  It's quite simple - however - after it's was put together - decided I really need to focus when I'm cutting my paper - not all quite even.  But I really do like how this card came together!

We didn't win our ringette last weekend - but the important thing about the game is that we played very well and we were quite focused for the most part.  All things we want to take forward going into Provincials next weekend!  I'm really excited about it.  I believe we have a strong chance of coming in the top 3.  I'll definitely let you know how we do!

I have a couple of more cards to make this week - another birthday and a good-bye card.  One the gals I play ringette and softball with is moving to Vancouver on April 1 - and it's not an April Fools joke.  She's in Radio and an opportunity for her came up and it was one she couldn't refuse.  She's wanted to be in the Vancouver area for quite some time - so this is a great thing for her.  Sucky for us - but great for her!

Plus I have to work on Tracy's Christmas Challenge the month.  I didn't get last month's in on time so I really got to get this one done!

So this will be a busy week for me!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D 

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