Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Travelling Card

I was very excited when I opened up my blog today......

I know it's been a while since we last heard from the Ugly Card - but I'm very excited to say - we have a sighting! Rita received the card from Jen and took some amazing pics with the card! See Rita's comments under my previous post! Here are her pictures of the Ugly Card which she has changed the name to: The Travelling Ugly Card - which is very appropriate - don't you think?! Please check out Rita's blog for the full update of the card!!

A very special thank you to Tracy, Jen and now Rita who have all played along!
Stayed tuned for further updates!!
Thanks for stoppin' by!
Little D.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tracy's August Christmas Challenge

Well, I've finally got most of all my items onto this computer! And I've figured out how to down load my pictures! Now let's see if I can figure how to get them onto my blog - LOL!

Success! LOL! Okay - so here are my cards for Tracy's August Christmas Challenge! The challenge this month was to use DP as your main image! When I first read that - I had a bit of a panick attack! But then - as I thought about it - the idea of my cards came fast and furious! The DP I used is from my Christmas Stack. I love this paper but it was hard to try and get something flowing with this. Thank goodness for SU Color Coach! According to the Coach - the coordinating colors are Bravo Burgandy - which I used as the layer behind the image - More Mustard - which I used as the main color for the card. I also used my cuttlebug snowflake folder to emboss this paper, and the third color was Elegant Eggplant - which I'ved used as my layer behind More Mustard and the stamp color for the sentitment.

These are not my normal 'go to' colors but I actually really like how these turned out! It's amazing how quickly your cards come together when you know exactly what you are doing and when the finished project is what you had imagined - it's a great feeling - which I needed! This definitely felt good to do! Again - it's great that Tracy keeps challenging us out of our comfort zones - and to see what creativity we have hiding inside! Thanks, Again Tracy!!

Must remember to try and schedule some card making time on a regular basis! It's such a great stress reliever!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

New Computer

Okay - so I've connected to a new computer and will have to use this one until I get my Mac figured out! I'm going to have to go through and add all my favs to this computer so it'll take me a while to get back up and running! Hopefully this will solve a lot of my frustrations I've been having with my computer!

I've finished Tracy's Christmas challenge and I've got the pics - just need to get them onto this computer to get the pictures posted!

Things are still pretty crazy. We are building a new house and things have just exploded for stuff we have to do for that! We're expecting a move in date sometime in early October - so things are pretty hectic getting all the finalized stages completed. We've just finished having all the electric work done. And we should be getting ready for drywall in the next couple of weeks. Our siding was delivered on Friday so it'll be very exciting to see the outside of the house looking more like a completed house rather than a wooden box!

My sister is also expecting her second baby within the month! We have softball nationals coming up on the long weekend and we're into playoffs for my ladies team. The sun has finally decided to show it's self so we now have another taste of summer!

All in all - still feeling pretty hectic with everything going on - but all positive - very stressful -but positive!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yup! Still here

And finally able to get into my blog.  I've been having some issue lately trying to get in and get some blogging done!   This past month has been busy with ball and house things - so really haven't done much in the way of card making!  Didn't even get into the monthy RAK I normally do...and this month doesn't look much calmer!  A couple of more tourneys and a few trips lined up.  

We actually just got home from LA!  We were there over the weekend for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl!  It was really amazing!  Seeing a concert at the Hollywood Bowl has been our list of things to do and we had the chance!  We saw Lang Lang (amazing Pianist) and Herby Hancock - another amazing pianist!  They were playing with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra!  And the concert was great!  If you've never seen the Hollywood Bowl - I suggest you add it to your list!  It really is a work of art!  It seats 18,000 people and the sound is amazing!  And they had special guest join them on stage for a song - Josh Groban - who I adore - he's a cutey with an amazing voice!  

This was our anniversary trip - so it was kinda nice!  15 years for us on the 20th!  We stayed at the Sheraton right at Universal Studios.  We actually didn't go to Universal - but spent a couple of days walking around City walk and went to SeaWorld San Diego.  It was a very special fun trip - even tho' we had to sit in the dark for 2 hours last night when a city transformer blew and our hotel went dark!  Thank goodness for computers with music!!

I'll try and get some pictures posted in the next day or two - as long as my computer is going to let me!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D