Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Computer

Okay - so I've connected to a new computer and will have to use this one until I get my Mac figured out! I'm going to have to go through and add all my favs to this computer so it'll take me a while to get back up and running! Hopefully this will solve a lot of my frustrations I've been having with my computer!

I've finished Tracy's Christmas challenge and I've got the pics - just need to get them onto this computer to get the pictures posted!

Things are still pretty crazy. We are building a new house and things have just exploded for stuff we have to do for that! We're expecting a move in date sometime in early October - so things are pretty hectic getting all the finalized stages completed. We've just finished having all the electric work done. And we should be getting ready for drywall in the next couple of weeks. Our siding was delivered on Friday so it'll be very exciting to see the outside of the house looking more like a completed house rather than a wooden box!

My sister is also expecting her second baby within the month! We have softball nationals coming up on the long weekend and we're into playoffs for my ladies team. The sun has finally decided to show it's self so we now have another taste of summer!

All in all - still feeling pretty hectic with everything going on - but all positive - very stressful -but positive!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D.

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Tracy.H said...

Well...if ya need a Tazo...just let me know! ;0)