Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tracy's Christmas Challenge 2010 #1

I've had my cards done for awhile for Tracy's Christmas Card Challenge - but nothing like saving it to the last minute to get them posted!!

I love this design of these cards.  It adds something unique rather than your traditional card!!

I can definitely see me doing more of the easel cards!

Hubby and I were in Vegas for the past four days.  We decided that we needed a break where he didn't stay in the hotel room all weekend!  We stayed at the Newest Hotel and Casino - Aria - and I can easily say that this is our newest favorite place to stay!  It is beautiful!  The rooms were spectacular and we were in just a standard room!  We do want to stay in a suite next time - but we'll have to see if we get any decent offers to upgrade!  The location is great and with the tram running between Monte Carlo, Aria and Belagio - it makes getting around that much easier as well!  Also - Aria is the first Green Hotel on the strip - everything is used with renewable energy - and they also use alternative sources of energy - which hubby and I loved!   All of their clothing they sell in their store is made from organic cotton and recycled fabrics!

We did a bit a of shopping as well.  We each picked up a brief case style bag that has solar panels on it to charge any electric device you have.  It comes with a bunch of attachments and you can get more to accommodate what you have!  They are very cool!!

Even if you don't stay at Aria next time you're in Vegas - it's definitely worth stopping in to check out!

Any way - I got my cards posted and in time for the challenge deadline!

Only two more days until Oscar Nominations are announced!  I do an Oscar Pool every year and I'm really looking forward to this year - especially with 10 Best Picture Nominations being announced!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year Challenges

One of the things I want to do this year is to participate in more challenges - really get my mojo flowing.  Allison had a brilliant idea of making a challenge out of old stamp sets that have been sitting around collecting dust - which is a great idea!  The way I figure it is I've spent money on the stamps - they should be used.

The one I decided to use was Hats Off - a Stampin' Up set.  I love this little set - but have very rarely used it - not really sure if I have used it!  I used Mojo Sketch Mojo119 for the layout and I must say I love how this card turned out.  I'm not one for using black and white tones for my cards but Tracy's card did inspire me to use this color scheme.  The color of the hat and her hair sets it off quite nicely.

And I've also used a fabric flower that I've had forever - and same thing - haven't really used these much - but it fit so nicely in with this layout.

It's great to have people out there to help spark your mojo!

I've also finished Tracy's Christmas challenge - but I'll get those posted in the week!

For another bit of inspiration - you really need to check out Merlie's blog....she's done some amazing organizing of her craft space - if that doesn't give you inspiration - I'm not sure what will!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aaah....crafting/Ugly Card Update

Another 'Traveling Ugly Card Update!

The card has reached Linda!  It is definitely making it's way across the British Isles!  Check out Linda's Blog!!

Thanks for playing along Linda!!

Things have definitely calmed down in my world and there seems to be a bit of normal back in my life!  So much so that I've even been able to find time for crafting!  I've made three cards already this year - but the first two I made - I'm not sure what file they were saved to!!  LOL!

But the one I just finished is a birthday card for my mom.  Her birthday is on Tuesday but I'm having dinner tomorrow night for the her and the fam.

This is a diorama card - and I used the Copic Color Challenge for the color scheme.  A little off center - but so is my mom so it's all good!! LOL!  Hopefully she doesn't make it onto my blog this week and read this! 

The Colors that were used are RV11 (didn't have RV21), G00 and B32.  Really pretty, bright colors.  It was fun to color and put this card together!

I've also started getting my new craft room organized.  I must say I love Ikea for the furniture sytlings - but wow can some of their pieces be a bit awkward to put together - and I have the bruises to show for it!!  But very satisfying once the piece is put together.

I don't want to post any pictures just yet - I do want to wait and get the room a bit more organized - still have quite a few boxes to unpack so they're spread out all over the room!  Hopefully soon I'll have it in decent enough shape to post some pics!  I'm loving the way it is coming together.  I still need a few a couple of pieces from Ikea - but I need to decide what I want and what will help the Mojo flow!  We're also going to get better lighting in here - we have a couple of track lights to install as the lighting right now sucks!  Thank goodness for my desk lamp!

And Hubby was able to figure out the network for the computers so I'm totally up and running and have my Mac back up and running and up in my craft room!  No more running up and down stairs with cameras and cords to get the pics uploaded!  Yay for me!

Next weekend is a big Ringette Tournament for me so I don't think I'll get my Blog updated - but maybe next time - I'll have some pics of the room!

Thanks for Stoppin' By!

Little D

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Beginning

Another year has passed and I can't believe it's already 2010!

After a couple of very stressful weeks we are finally in our new home! Moving day was December 7th but because of a mishap with the Gas Company - we didn't get our gas meter until December 17th - which meant that we couldn't move in. Our stuff was good to go - but we could not. So we moved all of our stuff in and starting praying to the gas gods that we would get our meter before Christmas.

But due to the mishap we cancelled our trip to Vegas which meant my hubby couldn't do his meet and greet with Sammy Hagar. Sammy was opening his Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood and we were supposed to be there for the celebration and do a meet and greet.

We gave up possesion on our place on December 11th - which meant we were homeless. Homeless and staying at the Hyatt! I must say it's quite a weird sensation living in a hotel in your home town. The good news was that it was only a couple of blocks from the office and it was a Hyatt. How bad can that be? But I must say - after staying in a hotel for two weeks and not being on vacation was not my idea of a good time. However, I must admit that not having to make my own bed and the chocolates on the pillow every nightdefinitely made it bearable!

I did go to Vegas with my cousin over December 10th weekend and we saw Andre Bocelli in concert - which was amazing! So we did go and eat at the Cabo Wabo Cantina - highly recommend it!! Very good!

We finally got our gas meter on December 17th. And we had a planned weekend in Seattle to go the football game that weekend. Hubby was talking about not going as his thinking was that he could get the house finanlized for the the final city inspection. But me and our two friends convincinced him that he definitely needed a weekend away. So he came. We had a great night Friday - went to dinner had a couple of drinks and were ready for a great weekend. But as luck would have it - hubby got food poisoning and spent the entire weekend in the hotel room. Not much fun for him. He's still not 100% - but slowly getting there. It was the worse kind of food poisoning you can get. Just his luck.

But final inspection passed and the house was our officialy on December 23th. The Best Christmas present we could ask for. I had a couple of days to get things organized and we even had Christmas dinner with his family in the new house.

Things have started to settle in and we've got most of the place set up - a few more boxes to sort through and a few more pictures to hang - but we are finally home.

And now the fun begins. In the new house I have the attic as my craft room and it's about 600 sqft. There is so much space that I really have no idea what I want to do to set it up. Tracy had a great idea of sorting through everything I have to see what kind of storage I need and then I'll hit Ikea to start getting the room set up. The only thing about the room as that three of the four walls are angeled - so I'll have to be a bit creative for organizing the layout! And because it is the attic - the access is the granny style stair ladder which means I only have about 18 inch clearing to get things up there. So I'll have to make sure the boxes of stuff I do get fit!!

I have no pictures to post - but I do have a few cards to do this month so I'll get them posted. And once hubby figures out how to hook up the wireless internet - I'll have my computer up in the room so easy access!!

I hope everyone had a good safe holiday! And all the best for 2010!

Thanks for Stoppin' by!

Little D