Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aaah....crafting/Ugly Card Update

Another 'Traveling Ugly Card Update!

The card has reached Linda!  It is definitely making it's way across the British Isles!  Check out Linda's Blog!!

Thanks for playing along Linda!!

Things have definitely calmed down in my world and there seems to be a bit of normal back in my life!  So much so that I've even been able to find time for crafting!  I've made three cards already this year - but the first two I made - I'm not sure what file they were saved to!!  LOL!

But the one I just finished is a birthday card for my mom.  Her birthday is on Tuesday but I'm having dinner tomorrow night for the her and the fam.

This is a diorama card - and I used the Copic Color Challenge for the color scheme.  A little off center - but so is my mom so it's all good!! LOL!  Hopefully she doesn't make it onto my blog this week and read this! 

The Colors that were used are RV11 (didn't have RV21), G00 and B32.  Really pretty, bright colors.  It was fun to color and put this card together!

I've also started getting my new craft room organized.  I must say I love Ikea for the furniture sytlings - but wow can some of their pieces be a bit awkward to put together - and I have the bruises to show for it!!  But very satisfying once the piece is put together.

I don't want to post any pictures just yet - I do want to wait and get the room a bit more organized - still have quite a few boxes to unpack so they're spread out all over the room!  Hopefully soon I'll have it in decent enough shape to post some pics!  I'm loving the way it is coming together.  I still need a few a couple of pieces from Ikea - but I need to decide what I want and what will help the Mojo flow!  We're also going to get better lighting in here - we have a couple of track lights to install as the lighting right now sucks!  Thank goodness for my desk lamp!

And Hubby was able to figure out the network for the computers so I'm totally up and running and have my Mac back up and running and up in my craft room!  No more running up and down stairs with cameras and cords to get the pics uploaded!  Yay for me!

Next weekend is a big Ringette Tournament for me so I don't think I'll get my Blog updated - but maybe next time - I'll have some pics of the room!

Thanks for Stoppin' By!

Little D


Tracy.H said...

Hey you...can't click on the photo to make it bigger, but it looks cute!! I am sure she will love it!

Good luck with the tournament next weekend. Maybe we can get together the following weekend? Let me know. :0)

Merlie said...

Nice card! Can't wait to see the craft room.