Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy Day for Stampin'

Well - welcome to May Long Weekend in never know what you're gonna get - weather wise that is!  Yesterday it was above 20 and I have a fairly badly burned face to prove it!  Golfing 18 holes with forgetting to put sunscreen on my face is never a good idea!  And today - when we woke up - snow on the ground and a high of 4 degrees!!  AAAGH!  But hey - because it was not so nice to get out - I decided to catch up on some of my stamping and blogging!  This card I made for Debbie.  Nancy's friend Domenica's mom, Debbie is not feeling very well and Nancy has asked for Thinking of You cards to help brighten Debbie's day.  This is my card I made for her - with a little note saying she is in my thoughts, as is Domenica.

This card I made for my boss who went on vacation with her daughter and grandchildren to Disneyland.  An appropriate themed card - I have Disney DP and the Tinkerbell punch I got as a gift from some friends who were just back from Disneyland.

And finally, my Christmas Challenge submission for Tracy's Christmas Challenge.  I made two sets as the first set I made "Let It Snow" I really didn't like how these turned out.  Too basic.  So decided to get my head out of the snow and make another batch which I like much better.  The challenge was the main image had to be a sentiment and you had to use pink.  The colors aren't as bright in the pictures as the really are. 

So all in all a very productive day for me.  And the cataloging of my stamps proved to be a success in all of the cards I made.  I simply looked through my book of images and went and grabbed the CD case associated with it.  Definitely made my life very easy!!  So definitely made it all worth it!

Thanks for Stoppin by!

Little D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Once again - still not sure why - but the add comment button is not showing!  If you put your cursor over the area beside the date at the bottom of the post - you'll be able to click into the comment section!

UGLY CARD UPDATE! Sorry for not posting this sooner - but the Ugly Card made it's way to Hawaii and Jen received it and she had an absolutely amazing idea!  If you happen to receive the Ugly Card - take a picture of the card where ever you are and send it to me!  I'll then post it as part of the tracking of the card!  Thanks for the suggestion Jen!!  


Not sure why - but my comment buttons are not showing on the screen  but if you put your cursor over the area where they should be - it's still there!!  

Spring has finally sprung here and time for Spring Cleaning!!  Decided to search around for a new background and found this one!  Yup - still Winnie - don't you just love him?

This is the card that I've done for my May Aloha RAK!  I really like how this turned out - the stamped image on the back ground really adds something special to it.  The colors don't really come out in the picture - but I really quite like it!

I've also started to organize my stamps.  I took the plunge and unmounted all my SU stamps!  The amount of space that I've saved - it's amazing!  It was really quite easy and now that I have them all in CD cases - I have way more room.  

I was also directed to a blog( - sorry - can't remember which one) where she has created a log of all her stamps - so decided to do the same thing!  Crazy  I know - but I think it's a great idea!!  

And in the grand scheme of things - I don't have as many stamps as others so thought now would be a good time to start!!  Especially for sentiment stamps - I always seem to have issues finding the right sentiment - but once they've all been cataloged - it'll be easy to find exactly what I'm looking for!

I've ended up with 62 CDS cases full of stamps plus a few block stamps that I'm going to leave on their blocks.  I'm just under 1/3 way done cataloging them all.  It takes a while.....but I'll be very happy once this is done!!  I'll keep ya posted on my progress.

Thanks for Stoppin' by!

Little D

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Unbelievable!  I think....think....spring has finally arrived!  It's been absolutely beautiful this weekend!  We had our kick off tournament this weekend for my Ladies Ball and it was a perfect weekend to play ball....didn't play perfect - but we had a good time and got rid of some built up winter legs are feeling it!

And finally my Christmas Challenge for Tracy's challenge.  A few days late - but done!   And speaking of Tracy - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  Tracy and Hubby 
Allan are celebrating their anniversary today - 8 Years for them!  Congrats!!

Since we bowed out of the tournament quite early - I'll be working on my Aloha RAK later today so I'll hopefully have the done and ready to go for tomorrow!

Thanks for stoppin' by!!

Little D