Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Not sure why - but my comment buttons are not showing on the screen  but if you put your cursor over the area where they should be - it's still there!!  

Spring has finally sprung here and time for Spring Cleaning!!  Decided to search around for a new background and found this one!  Yup - still Winnie - don't you just love him?

This is the card that I've done for my May Aloha RAK!  I really like how this turned out - the stamped image on the back ground really adds something special to it.  The colors don't really come out in the picture - but I really quite like it!

I've also started to organize my stamps.  I took the plunge and unmounted all my SU stamps!  The amount of space that I've saved - it's amazing!  It was really quite easy and now that I have them all in CD cases - I have way more room.  

I was also directed to a blog( - sorry - can't remember which one) where she has created a log of all her stamps - so decided to do the same thing!  Crazy  I know - but I think it's a great idea!!  

And in the grand scheme of things - I don't have as many stamps as others so thought now would be a good time to start!!  Especially for sentiment stamps - I always seem to have issues finding the right sentiment - but once they've all been cataloged - it'll be easy to find exactly what I'm looking for!

I've ended up with 62 CDS cases full of stamps plus a few block stamps that I'm going to leave on their blocks.  I'm just under 1/3 way done cataloging them all.  It takes a while.....but I'll be very happy once this is done!!  I'll keep ya posted on my progress.

Thanks for Stoppin' by!

Little D


Dianne Forst said...

Hoping that by me leaving my own comment the comment box will reappear!

Tracy.H said...

And it has!

Love this card too. I have to work on mine this week too! And get started on unmounting my stamps too! Might be something to save for after my surgery when I am lying on the couch doing nothing! ;0)

Merlie said...

Hey, that's a good idea unmounting stampin up stamps to save some space. love the background and the card