Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome to Little D's Place!

Finally and after quite some time - I have pictures to post of my craft space - AKA converted attic!

So welcome to Little D Creations.  This is my main space that has everything in arms reach - well in my case maybe two arms length!  All of the white furniture you see and the small silver file cabinet are all my ikea purchases - which have definitely made my space comfortable and easy to create in!

The wooden desk that holds my Scor-Pal, Cutter and Cuttlebug is a drafting table that used to belong to my late father-in-law who was also very creative.  He was a painter and I'm quite honored to have this as part of my creative space.  I originally was going to use this as my main desk area - as you can adjust the angle of the table which I thought would be great.  However - after using it a couple of times  it felt a bit awkward and wasn't 100% solid which made stamping images a bit of challenge.  However it's new purpose is absolutely perfect - and works great as a 2nd dairy work space for when I have the girls over!

This is to the side of my main work space.  This is where I store my cards I've made plus other storage.  Again an Ikea product and this is also the only space in my room where the wall is completely straight!  You can see how the walls angle up to the roof.  And it's quite a sharp angle - so much several people have bonked their head coming into and out of the room - Sorry again, Allison!!

My stamp storage.  I actually started to get quite organized and placed all my stamps in CD cases and have catelouged most of them in the white binder between the shelves.  This definitely has made finding images must easier!

My main work desk with my special edition Cricket Expressions machine - which I'm still loving!!

And finally my connection to the blogging world!  My Mac which is all better and making my life enjoyable again!  This rolls perfectly under the desk so when I don't need it - it's not in my way - but it's always just a roll away when I need to do some searching on the net!

And I'm a huge Pooh fan - if you haven't already picked that up from my blog page!  There are over 80 Pooh's in this corner plus a few other special stuffed animals.  And yes - that little hole in the floor is the main access to Little D's!  You can see how much the walls are slanted in this picture and the reason for the several bonkings!!

So this is Little D's!  I'm very happy with how this turned out and even tried a few different locations within the room to see where the best mojo was felt and have been absolutely delighted with how this has turned out!  It was fun knowing that when the house was done I would have an amazing crafting area - but I could never have dreamed that it would turn out as good as it has!  My wish is that all crafters out there get their own space to call their own as it makes crafting much more personal and enjoyable!

And now onto my latest project.  This is the banner that I have done up for my niece's 4th Birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.  I unfortunately won't be able to attend the party as we are in Vegas on that weekend - but I've been very happy to create this for her.  She is having a Fairy themed party and with the help of my cricket was able to do this up.

All of the smaller fairies that are sitting on the paper are all likenesses of the kids who are going to be at the party.  I had my sister tell me the hair color and eye color of each child and colored each fairy accordingly.  This makes it a bit more personal for the kids and my sister will use these for the goodiebag tags.  Here is Machayla's:

So all in all it's been a fairly productive couple of weeks getting my room finished and getting the banner and Fairy cards done for my niece.

I still have a few projects to do - Tracy's Christmas Challenge (which I think might be late again!!) and another little project for my team leader's granddaughter!

But in the meantime - thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D


Tracy.H said...

The room looks great! Did you color all those Peter's since I gave it to you yesterday??!! The banner looks great! :0)

Merlie said...

Awesome room, Diane!! The slanted ceiling didn't bother me at all (wonder why) it was the granny stairs that got me.'s a very nice LARGE craft room

Allison said...

You had to bring up the bonks, didn't you!?! I still think you are nuts taking on that project but I know my C would love to get a personalized fairy card!