Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life is Sometimes Good - Sometimes Bad...

Well it definitely has been another crazy week. Quite a few things happened so this will be a fairly long posting!

The Good......

We were in Dallas on the weekend of the 20th to see the Cowboys home opener against the Giants. Dallas is my husband's team and he was quite excited to be there... who am I kidding - I was excited to be there! I love watching football even though I'm not quite the fanatic like my hubby and our friends - they know all sorts of stats and I'd be lucky just to name most of them!

My husband was actually lucky enough to get Seattle Seahawks season tickets this year. We don`t really like the team - but Seattle is the closest city to us that has NFL team. It`s only an hour flight - and I`ve fallen in love with the town! It`s always a great weekend when ever we get there. We`ll be going to a couple of games - the rest of the season my husband sold the tickets. We`ll be down there in a couple of weeks over Canada Thanksgiving. My favorite team is Tamba Bay Bucs. We get to see them play in Seattle on December 20th! A very Happy Christmas to me!!

My sister had her baby on September 13th. Jackson weighed in a 8 lbs - 4 0z and was 21 inches long. He`s quite the content little guy and absolutely adorable - not that I`m biased or anything! My 3 year old neice Machayla is having a bit of a time adjusting to the new addition - but she is great with him - just not sure how not having all the attention all the time is working out.

The Bad....

My older sister's father-in-law passed away on Wednesday. His funeral was on Saturday. It was a good service - lots of people there and great support for all of his family. It's kind of a unique situation where they are more than just in-laws with us. We all grew up together so we really are an extended part of the family. He will be incredibly missed by all - but like I said - there is a lot of support for everyone. My mom and sister wanted me to make some cards for them. Here are the sympathy cards I made:

A couple I had on hand but the rest I made up this week. I like how they all turned. The last one was one we did at Calgals a couple of weeks ago as one of our challenges and it actually turned out as a very nice thinking of you card. I wasn`t too sure about it - but when I used it - it actually turned out okay.

I often find that if I finish a card and leave it for a couple days - when I come back to it - I actually like it better than right after I finished it. I guess it takes a bit of time to appreciate some of your own work!! LOL!

I found this out with my Tracy`s Christmas Challenge this month. I decided to use the spirelli technique and as this was my first go - I didn`t think it too bad. I thought the cards were okay when I finished them last night....and I know that I`ll have to work on this technique to get it more perfect - but when I went to go take the pics - I think I actually quite like them!!

Here they are.....well - still trying to figure out the new computer and can`t figure out how to turn the picture!! Sorry!! LOL!!

Ringette has started and that has been a great stress relief for me over the past couple of weeks. I hope things will get back to a bit of a normal routine to me and I hope to be able to blog on a regular basis.......that is until moving day - November 15th!!
Thanks for stoppin`by!
Little D


Tracy.H said...

I absolutely LOVE the first 'Thinking of You' card!!! Beautiful!

Your challenge cards turned out great! It is amazing how simple this technique really is, eh? Thanks for playin'. :0)

Shannon said...

Seems like it has been an intense couple of weeks. Look forward to seeing you on the 16th. Moving day is fast approaching!

Merlie said...

With all that going on... You still managed to create beautiful cards. I love the Calgals the best!

Rita said...

Beautiful cards Dianne! (((Hugs))) for you!