Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well - there isn't much happening in the world of card-making this weekend as I am playing in the Esso Golden Ring tournament here in Calgary.  It's one of the world's largest ringette tournaments.  There are 185 teams participating in games in rinks all over the city with ages from 5 to over 45.  Right now - it's 11:14 pm on Saturday night and we're waiting for the postings to be updated to see if we've made it to the semi-finals.  We ended up in three way tie after our round robin games and it's come to a tie breaker.  So we are now just waiting to hear.....STRESSFUL!  This is definitely a time I should be stamping as it is quite relaxing.....sheesh.....But over all - no matter what happens - we've had an incredible tournament - we've won two games and the one game we lost - we only lost by two goals - so we've had a great tournament - I'm very proud of the gals.  Our average age on the team is around 3o and our age range is from 23 - 43 - so quite a spread!  And all the girls have a ton of heart.  It's also another great way for me to release some of the build up of regular life stress - well - other than waiting to confirm if we've made the finals - so it's been a good weekend even tho' I haven' t touched a single stamp......but next week I get to do a whole bunch of stuff.  I have my first Copics class at the Pantry with Shannon and then we're having a class on Friday with Tracy - so hopefully I'll have more postings later this week.

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