Sunday, November 1, 2009

Over Due Ugly Card Update

Okay - so finally getting around the Ugly Card Update. I'm quite excited about this little adventure of the card - it's a neat way to meet other bloggers all over the world and to see a bit of their world with the pictures of the Ugly Card!

The Ugly Card made it's way from Lyn to Sylvie-Anne and is now with Cath Wilson - all in the UK. Which makes me happy that it's making it's rounds in Britain as my parents are from Dundee, Scotland - almost like a home coming! The latest stop is not too far from Liverpool and of course I love the Beatles - so lovin' that fact that it's hanging out in a pretty cool historical place!

You'll have to check out Sylvia-Anne's blog and Cath's blog to see the latest pics! I love the stature pics - thanks Cath!!

Here is the trail so far - check it out!:

Tracy - received it in April 09
Jen - May 09
Rita - Aug.25.09
Lyn - Sep.24.09
Sylvia-Anne - Oct.5.09
Cath - Nov.7.09

Thanks for stoppin' by and keep posted for another update!

Little D


Rita said...

Cath's blog is not coming up Diane it's taking me somewhere else. Can you re-do the link for us...thanks!

Thanks for the update on the Ugly card. I hope it gets to go to Scotland next! What a great adventure!!!

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, what a shame! If I'd known you were such a fan of the Beatles, I'd have taken it to the Cavern in Liverpool City Centre, where they used to perform! We weren't far away when we visited the sculptures.

Thanks for a great idea, Diane - I'm loving it.

My blog is for anyone who'd like to see :)

Dianne Forst said...

Thanks Rita! Fixed now!

Cath Wilson said...

Just letting you know that the Ugly Card has left Liverpool and is on its way to Cambridge, Southern England!! Thank you for the privilege of looking after him :)