Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sucks Being Sick.'re off t..

Well, thanks to my lovely, sharing husband I have an incredibly nasty cold so haven't felt much like doing anything.  However, we had our second class with Shannon with Copics and I think I'm getting the hang of them.

We're off to Vegas on Thursday and I'm hoping to do some Copic shopping.  And I have quite a few images colored so I'll definitely make someting and have it posted before I leave.  

Little D


mudmaven said...

Have fun and try to leave that cold in Vegas! ~chris

Tracy.H said...

Well wasn't that just sweet of him! I am emailing you soon...gonna change my list! ;0)

Merlie said...

That is sweet of him! Maybe he will buy the rest of the copic that you don't have yet.