Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well this has been a very production weekend for me!  In total I've made 10 Cards!  8 now posted!  The three Ian cards I made for the challenges and the 5 here all used with Mermaid Anya!  I love how these all turned out.  After I had colored them I was a but unsure of how they would come together as cards - but I'm very happy how they did turn out!  I've definitely found a comfort zone using patterned paper and bling.  It's amazing to me how the cards I'm doing now are way more interesting than my simple cards I started with!

I'm glad this is my birthday month!  I've decided I need a bit more bling in my collection and with the discount I get at the Pantry and with the gift cards and money I've gotten - I should do quite well in stocking up!

When I first colored the Orange and Red together - I wasn't too sure - but I love how this came together with the paper and flowers!

I haven't used the Princess Anya yet - so I'm sure there will be more posting this week!  My schedule is a bit clear right now - waiting for schedule of playoff games for hockey and ringette!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Little D

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Berenice said...

Your cards are really nice! :)