Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well looking out my window at the two feet of snow piled on my lawn - it really doesn't feel like spring!  

The weekend was a busy one for me with provincials.  Which we didn't do as well as we were hoping - in fact - we actually didn't even win one game - but we played hard and work hard all and we've brought back a great sense of being a team.  I also brought back a few nasty bruises and yes - even a bit of whiplash!  Those Edmonton girls are big and mean!  I got taken into the boards and came out with whiplash.  Keeping in mind this is supposed to be a non-contact sport......but hey - that's what sports are all about.....I have a few weeks now before ball starts - so enough time to heal - I hope!!

I don't actually have a picture to post right now - but I did receive my March Rak from Berenice in Mexico - which was an amazing RAK.  Inside the package were the most adorable Winnie The Pooh Stickers and pencil set (wonder how she knew I liked Pooh??) and some bling to do with sports and Vegas.....I love all of it - thanks Berenice!  The card was also very cute!

I've done up a card for the Paper Take Weekly Challenge.  I'll also have to get this posted sometime this week!

The weekend wasn't a total bust for me!  I went to Red Deer College and got another bunch of Copic Markers for my collection.  They had a great collection and a great price for the markers - so did very well - ended up with about 3o more markers!  Almost worth the 1 1/2 hour drive!

Anyhow - I'll try and get some pics posted before the weekend!  Hubby just brought me a bowl of ice cream - so I'm going to go and enjoy!

Thanks for Stoppin' by!

Little D


Tracy.H said...

You rest up young lady! ;0)

Merlie said...

You go Little D!!