Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Belated B-day to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday and these are a few of the goodies I got from Tracy and the Card that Nancy did up for me!  Thanks Ladies!  Love it all!!  The two paper cards in the back ground are from Tracy's two girls - Emily and Elizabeth - both very sweet girls and both very creative!  Definitely good genes from mom and dad!!

I was going to get this posted yesterday - but alas - after I got home from breakfast with Hubby and Ma-in-law - it was Sofa City for the rest of the day!  It snowed quite a bit on Saturday night so it was quite white out yesterday.  The sun did come out and it did look quite nice out - but the blanket had me sucked into the couch and it was a good day to be a couch potato!  A very good way to spend your birthday - I highly recommend it!  

I'm in my craft room tonight and I'll put together a couple of more cards from the images I stamp Friday night at Calgals - just have to get things reorganized and unpacked!

I also go another DP Stack of The Glitter Stack from my baby sister for my b-day - and I love this stack!  I had already purchased this same stack a while back and I've used quite a bit of it - so this is a good replenishment for me!!  Thanks Yonnie!!  I say baby sister but she's pregnant with baby #2 and on April 22 (finger's crossed) we'll know if it's another niece or nephew!  I'll keep ya posted!!

I had colored an image for the Weekly Copic Color Challenge and I absolutely loved how the image turned out - but when I put the card together - disaster!  It's a very ugly card - Calgals will confirm - however - I have THE perfect stamp to go on it!  It won't get posted to for the challenge - but I will get it posted on here once I get the sentiment attached!

Off to be creative!  

Thanks for stopping by!

Little D

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Tracy.H said...

A couch bday by yourself? Sounds like heaven to me!! Can't wait to see some new creations. :0)